Why choose Aussie Outdoor

  • High-grade BlueScope® steel
  • A wide range of standard designs
  • Zinc or COLORBOND® steel colours
  • Designed for Australian conditions
  • Council documentation provided
  • Engineering certification provided
  • Custom designs available
  • Meets Australian Building Standards
  • Cyclonic rated buildings supplied
  • Local service & support from 26 Metroll manufacturing sites in Australia

In our business, you come first 

We Aussies are known for our love of outdoor living. Sheds and patios are perfect for our lifestyle, sheltering us from the hot sun but letting us blend indoor and outdoor living. There’s nothing we like better than hanging out with friends in the shed or out on the patio. 

We’re a rural country too. Farmers and country people rely on tough, durable outdoor buildings. As do commercial and industrial businesses.

Aussie Outdoors caters for all these needs, from lifestyle to commercial, entertaining to storage. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll design and manufacture it for you.

We stand by our products and our customer service. Our staff will always work with you to develop the solution that suits you.