Aussie Outdoor® sheds are designed by Australians, for Australian conditions. Ensuring designs you can trust; we only use BlueScope® steel and our products are manufactured from materials certified or tested for compliance with Australian Standards®.

Your shed will be designed to meet the site-specific details you give us. Our sheds are engineer designed using the Shed Plus Software System® and you will receive all the documentation you need for your council approval. This includes the structural integrity report, slab/footing design, structural detail report and certified assembly drawings.

We have pre-designed plans or you can design your own. And when that’s done, you can customise your shed with a range of COLORBOND® colours and extra features.

Aussie Outdoor® sheds come in kit form with all components and accessories included. You can choose to assemble your shed and save, or contact your local Aussie Outdoor® distributor to help you organise a team of experienced builders to construct your building.



There are plenty of reasons to add a shed to your property. For starters, it’s a money-maker when it comes to adding value to your home. A shed keeps vehicles safe from theft, damage and the weather. It gives you extra storage space too. Use an Aussie Outdoor shed to keep your prized possessions safe.


Industrial Sheds

Aussie Outdoor® sheds are designed, engineered, and manufactured to comply with and exceed the strict Australian Building Codes, and are supplied with documentation to simplify council building approvals.

These quality steel buildings are manufactured from G450 high tensile steel and can be custom designed for numerous commercial applications including; Warehouses, Stables, Shelters, Storage & Aircraft hangers.

As well as an extensive range of standard industrial shed designs, Aussie Outdoor® can custom design a shed to suit your specific needs. Building spans can reach to 27 metres with wall heights up to 6 metres and to any length you require.



Farm sheds

Every property is different, but that’s no problem. Our software and site-specific engineering will design a shed to fit your purpose. We can provide lock-up security sections, access points, extra wide bays for machinery, added ventilation and differing floor heights. You can adjust height, length and width to suit your site and your requirements.

Our designs span up to 35 m and comply with the Building Code of Australia and principles endorsed by the Steel Shed Group Design Guide® and the Australian Steel Institute.


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